Andréa Branzi

Branzi was born in Florence where he also graduated in architecture in 1966 with his project “Supermarket- Luna Park”, a reproduction of this project “Luna Park II” (2001) is at Centre Georges Pompidou. Currently he lives and works in Milan, Italy, where he moved in 1973.
His work and interests relate to industrial design, architecture, urban planning, and cultural promotion. He also works as a professor of industrial design at the Politecnico di Milano University.
Together with Paolo Deganello, Massimo Morozzi, Gilberto Coretti, Dario and Lucia Bartolini he founded the Archizoom Associati in 1966. He is a promoter of the Italian Radical Architecture movement. From 1976, he participated in the movement Alchimia, founded by Alessandro Guerriero. The movement was defined as a laboratory for experimental industrial design.
In 1983 he was one of the founders of the ‘Domus Academy’, the first international post-graduate school of design.
His enormous work Vase is on permanent display in the courtyard of the Design Museum in Gent. In 2008 he installed his work Open Enclosures at the Fondation Cartier in Paris.

Mod. Appennino library - 2009
Andrea Branzi
Produced by Fontana Arte
Steel and birch
H204 x Diam 40 cm

Prototype from an edition of 6

Mod. Sugheri - 2007
Andrea Branzi
Produced by Fontana Arte
Cork and glass
H28 x Diam 23,5 cm

Unique piece

Mod. Louis XXI Porcelaine Humaine
Andrea Branzi
Produced by Fontana Arte
Collection co-created with Cité de la céramique de Sèvres & Mouvements modernes
Corole pied-bas 1ère grandeur : ø8 cm h 9 cm / Corole pied-bas 2ème grandeur : ø
5,5 cm h 6 cm / Corole pied-haut : ø 14 cm h 20 cm Calice 3ème grandeur : ø 7 cm h
9 cm / Calice 2ème grandeur : ø 15 cm h 19 cm / Calice 1ère grandeur : ø 20 cm h 26 cm
Coupe : ø 25 cm h 25 cm / Coupe montée : ø 25 cm h 44 cm
Bougeoir 1ère grandeur : L 24 cm l 12 cm h 13 cm / Bougeoirs 2ème et 3ème
grandeur : L 41 cm l 18 cm h 20 cm
Edition of 8 + 2AP