Produced by Fontana Arte
Max Ingrand
 Ashtray in brass and mirrored glass
H66 x Diam 25 cm
Mod. Louis XXI Porcelaine Humaine
Andrea Branzi
 Produced by Fontana Arte
Collection co-created with Cité de la céramique de Sèvres & Mouvements modernes
Corole pied-bas 1ère grandeur: ø8 cm h 9 cm / Corole pied-bas 2ème grandeur: ø
5,5 cm h 6 cm / Corole pied-haut: ø 14 cm h 20 cm Calice 3ème grandeur: ø 7 cm h
9 cm / Calice 2ème grandeur: ø 15 cm h 19 cm / Calice 1ère grandeur: ø 20 cm h 26 cm / Coupe: ø 25 cm h 25 cm / Coupe montée: ø 25 cm h 44 cm / Bougeoir 1ère grandeur: L 24 cm l 12 cm h 13 cm / Bougeoirs 2ème et 3ème grandeur: L 41 cm l 18 cm h 20 cm
Edition of 8 + 2AP
Fausto Melotti
 Circa 1950
Hand-modeled ceramics and malty
H 57 cm
Mod. Sugheri – 2007
Andrea Branzi
 Produced by Fontana Arte
Cork and glass
H28 x Diam 23,5 cm
Unique piece
Produced by Fontana Arte
Max Ingrand
 Model no.1977
Book ends in crystal glass hammered by hand
H15 x 19 x 8,5 cm